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Database Merge/Purge Services

The good folks at Hominy Names want to make you aware of a company that can do some amazing database and merge/purge stuff: 

Whether you have a database that you would like to be able to access from any computer with an Internet connection or have your clients be able to run their own counts and orders OR if you would like to order business and consumer lists on line without having to call a list broker for every count and order, they can help.

They can also provide you higher quality and faster turnaround at a low cost on affordable merge/purge processing!

They reduce the number of overmatches and undermatches and increase the number of true matches.  They can even append business and consumer demographics to your data using full merge/purge logic at affordable pricing, often lower than what others charge for using just match codes.

Who is this amazing company?  Call me at 601-620-4135 or email me at dave@hominynames.com and I will tell you.


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