您相信您的汽车修理工吗? 行业资深人士Jack Bulko提供了速成课程,内容涉及如何从您的汽车店中获得最佳体验-同时避免被骗。 作者:Gregg Rosenzweig,2013年4月4日发布在拥有34年经营经验的汽车修理厂老板Jack Bulko已经(并听到了)这一切。 他的商店AutoAid负责处理从换油到调优再到烟雾检查的所有事务,以帮助欣赏他个人风格的顾客。 他的商店在所有重要的本地搜索网站(包括我们的网站)上获得出色评分和评论的原因之一。 我最近在Bulko在他位于加利福尼亚Van Nuys的商店坐下来,他在这里拥有自己的知识和专业知识,可以帮助您(客户)最大程度地利用您的自动购物经验。 幸运的你。 汽车修理工用扳手Q & A With Jack Bulko, Owner of 自动辅助 自动修理 & Service: If you were looking for an auto shop, what would be the first criteria you'd use as a customer? Jack: My first criteria would be longevity in the business. Another being AAA级 (Automobile Club of America) approved. 评论 . Today we're a review-driven society and the customer's opinion is critical to the selection of any service. What are the scams that other shops get away with ... that you hear customers complain about most? Jack: I don't know that they complain as much about scams as trying to be oversold or being told they need something when they don't. Dealerships are relentless for overselling an issue. So if there's an oil leak in an engine, they'll try to sell an engine versus 'let's try and fix the oil leak.' ... That's one of the biggest issues that I come across. What is the #1 sign people should look out for that they might be dealing with an unsavory auto shop? Jack: I think appearance is probably the number-one thing when you pull into a facility. Is it clean? Does it look professional? Were you greeted at the door with a hello? Or are you ignored until somebody eventually realizes you're standing there. Are the technicians in uniform? Are they clean as well? Does the shop look organized in terms of equipment and tools? Are they an AAA级 shop? That creates an automatic higher standard for an automobile repair shop. What about the idea of "lifetime auto products" -- do you believe in those or is that a complete fallacy? Jack: It's a fallacy. It's a way to get people back in the door for more service or to purchase more parts. Lifetime warranties are usually very limited. Back in the '80s, the battery companies practically went bust because people would change batteries every couple of years at no cost. And they couldn't maintain it. It became lifetime for the amount of time that we owned the vehicles. So if you owned the vehicle for two years and [sold] it, whatever part was lifetime warranty was out the window. Several companies did lifetime warranties on 刹车 . How do you possibly guarantee 刹车 for a lifetime? And whose lifetime? It doesn't make any sense. It's a means of getting people back in the door and upselling. I personally don't believe in it. For 换油s, the windows seem to have shrunk in terms of when [dealerships] want the car back. Is this a common trend? Jack: Ideally, it's good to have your 换油d as frequently as possible. It'll never hurt. In the old days, 3,000 miles was kind of an icon for an 换油. Driving in a city like Los Angeles is considered severe driving conditions because of the air, the stop-and-go conditions. So the more frequently you do an 换油, the better. What are the benefits of choosing a mom-and-pop shop such as yours versus a dealership? Jack: It's developing a personal relationship with the 机械. With the business. It's just like having a good dentist. Or a good doctor or lawyer. Once you find someone you like and trust, you don't want to go anywhere else because you have that relationship. People come through the door and we address them 通过 their first name because we know them and their kids. We know their moms. It's wholesome. It's a good-feel kind of relationship. Do you think fear is overused as a tactic in order to up-sell services? Jack: Some shops might use that tactic to boost their bottom line, but ... I prefer to use the word "urgency" ... There are times when we see something on a vehicle and we'll show it to a customer. We'll take him outside, put him underneath the car, show him exactly what we're talking about and suggest 'it's extremely dangerous to drive with. I wouldn't recommend you drive.' ... That's the extent of fear or creating an urgency. What's the best way to tell if you've been given used parts -- when you've bought new ones? Jack: Obviously, if one is not certain, they don't have that much confidence in their repair facility. Secondly, you can always ask for the old parts back. You want to see the old parts. If you're really that uncertain or lacking [confidence] in that facility, ask them to show you the part on the vehicle. Most parts are visually accessible;有些不是因为他们在引擎盖下或破折号下。人们经常被告知需要进行哪些最不必要的维修?杰克:它可以涵盖各种各样的零件。例如,轮胎的磨损率不同。如果轮胎的胎面深度还剩四个三十秒(4/32“),一些商店会建议您更换。经销商会建议您更换。我会说不,请再行驶三,四千英里。我听说过有商店会在您有车时为您(使用旧轮胎)更换轮胎,并告诉您您需要新轮胎。杰克:我想说的是在这个领域获得第二意见。如果您不确定某件事,总是要获得第二意见。特别是如果报价在几百或几千美元的时候。告诉我们...她被告知她需要一个头部垫圈,这需要将发动机拆开,进行一次$ 2,000的维修。结果,她从来不需要一个头部垫圈,只需要一些排放传感器,那是完全不必要的维修。 ..她的帐单约为$ 800比$ 2,000。客户最常犯的错误是什么? ack:不要依靠互联网进行诊断。不要做出诊断,要开放思维。和症状。告诉我们您的经验与您在Internet上所读或听到的内容有关,因为这为错误信息,购买不正确的零件,不必要的零件奠定了基础,这令人头疼。轮胎压力监测光传感器是世界上最大的玩笑吗?我遇到的意外事故要比我的轮胎问题多得多...杰克:一点光都被低估了...那个光是由于事故的立法而产生的,这些事故导致了福特探险家使用凡世通轮胎的死亡,导致汽车在几年前翻倒……可能很烦人,但比不安全要烦人。是的,如果您在旅途中,那灯就亮了,是的,过了一会儿就像哭狼一样,它来来往往。但是,有一次您遇到问题,又在路上捡了东西,轮胎快要吹了,最好还是放个轮胎。没伤您能否举一个在线评论如何帮助或伤害他人的例子?客户是否对您的在线业务不屑一顾?杰克:显然,每个人都喜欢它。他们非常有帮助。糟糕的评论,以及我们所做的评论,使我们能够知道漏洞所在,服务中的缺陷。因此,当我们收到通知时,我们会立即通过电话或电子邮件进行回复。试图找出问题所在。为什么不满意。我们可以做些什么,我们可以做得更好?总体而言,这改善了我们的整体服务。是什么使人们回到您的商店?杰克:他们喜欢我们。我们是一家家族企业。我们来这里已经34年了。我们获得AAA认证。我们是AskPatty.com的“经过认证的女性友好型”组织,该组织基本上可以使妇女在更加专业的基础上与汽车商店和经销店进行谈判。我们已经连续四年获得“安吉榜”的“超级服务”奖。而且我们是个人的。我们不是一个与个人没有个人联系的庞大组织。我们是一家父子[拥有]的公司……拥有优秀的员工……而且真的很喜欢照顾人。